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St. Clair Catholic School Nears Completion – O’fallon, IL

Friday, March 15th, 2013

We are working with Holland Construction 贵州11选五网 to install the curtain wall steel stud framing, sheathing, air barrier, insulation, EIFS, plastering contractor, acoustical ceilings, veneer plaster, and drywall on the St. Clair Catholic School in O’fallon, IL

The air barrier, or drainage barrier, is the yellow fluid applied product by STO called StoGuard, bonded directly to the exterior sheathing to resist air and water penetration. With the new energy code being adopted shortly in Illinois and Missouri, fluid applied air barriers are going to be required on most buildings. We have been installing air and moisture barriers since they first came onto the market when they were primarily used behind EIFS.

St. Clair Catholic School has a unique EIFS application where we are installing EIFS over an existing metal building. This further insulates the building and retrofits it’s appearance.

St. Clair Catholic School New Addition

Washington Avenue St. Louis Plaster Repair and Renovation

Friday, March 15th, 2013

George Weis 贵州11选五网 was chosen by Lasfer & Associates to be the plastering contractor in the Historic building renovation off of Washington avenue in St. Louis, MO. The building was built at the turn of the century with most of the walls being being the old style metal lath with 5/8″ thick sand mortar plaster. Many of the existing walls were to remain with the plaster patched along with new walls to be built to match the existing plaster.